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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A well-known professor from a great university in Europe was traveling through the United States. He visited many of our great buildings and institutions, the skyscrapers of our big cities, our acres of factories, our universities and hospitals.
When he was about to return to Europe someone asked him: “What impressed you most about the United States?”
Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied: “Your garbage cans”.
“Garbage cans?” asked the interviewer, “what’s so impressive about our garbage cans?”
The traveler explained: “Your garbage cans are loaded with wasted food. You waste more food in a week than it would take to feed the children of one European country for a whole month.”

Why did the steward in today’s Gospel lose his job? Because he was “wasting his master’s goods.”
Every one of us is a steward. Everyone of us is in charge of goods, talents and even people. All of these things and persons belong to God. If we waste them, then we commit a sin of injustice and dishonesty. Most likely the Lord is calling our attention to this injustice by permitting the food, fuel and energy shortages we are experiencing today. There is always some sort of punishment when we break the laws of God and of nature. Away with false thinking that food and other things belong to us, that we can waste it if we wish. It belong to God who wants to share it with those who are hungry. The same holds for everything. How about waste of money? How about our waste of talents? How about not using the spiritual gifts God has showered upon us. We should ask the heavenly Father to help us be honest stewards, never wasting any of the goods He has put in our charge, but using them for His glory and honor and for the benefit of all the children of God. God bless you.
Yours in Christ, Rev. Leo Antony, SDV

St. Gerard Majella RC Church 

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